COME OUT for School Committee meeting this Tuesday Jan. 19

Dear friends,

The School Committee (SC) is set to vote on Reconfiguration (separating the schools K-1 and 2-6) or K-6 this Tuesday (Jan. 19) at their meeting at 5:45. It appears that a majority of the SC has already decided to support reconfiguration, despite strong parent and teacher preferences (via the surveys they conducted) for K-6. We ask that you please mobilize your friends and contacts to come to this meeting to show continued community interest and investment in this question.

In addition, there is an idea afloat to read teacher comments from the survey at the public comment portion of the meeting. Their voices have not been taken seriously in this process, and they expressed their views strongly and clearly for K-6 in the survey comments section. (Importantly, the main concern teachers voiced with K-6 was a fear that Fort River would be left behind–a concern parents as well have continued to raise–insisting that we address Fort River’s needs, but not just by consolidating the schools). So, if this idea takes hold, we’ll be looking for as many people as possible to get up and read one or two comments by teachers anonymously to keep their voices in the conversation.

We don’t feel that this vote means that this issue is over. Public sentiment is strong, and as more people in town mobilize around this issue, we can work together to help make the schools the best we can for our kids. The process is not over.

Joanna Morse


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