Survey results to MSBA

Parents and community members have submitted the results of the  January survey data to the MSBA.

The January survey of teachers and parents clearly demonstrated that the Administration’s preferred option (“reconfiguration” and a large 750-student school) was the least popular of the options presented among parents and teachers alike. The comments provided a rich set of critique of the process to date and biases in the survey, with a number of commenters observing that the survey was tilted toward reconfiguration and others lamenting the absence of dual renovation as an option.

No doubt due to the negative findings, the Administration opted to not inform the MSBA about the survey.  (They also declined to present the survey results at the January public forum.)  At the February 2, 2016 School Building Committee, member Anna Bartolini (Crocker Farm teacher) and Maria Kopicki both raised the issue, arguing that the MSBA should be informed of the results of the survey.

Consequently, we have been forced to take advantage of the MSBA’s public comment option, and submit this information to the MSBA.

The letter and packet are both available in PDF, and linked under “Public Comment” and “Official Documents”.



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