Homeowner Cost Calculator : How much will reconfiguration cost YOU?

Check out the “Homeowner Cost Calculator” to see how much reconfiguration will cost YOU, year by year.

Click here; go to the “Elementary School Cost-per-home Calculator” tab, then go to the RED BOX and put in your assessed home value in dollars (this will re-set the calculations to YOUR impact).

You can also click on the “Pre-calculated Value” tab to see tax impacts for home values at $100K intervals.



Note: The calculations are based on the latest cost information available from the project.  The Schematic Design (submitted by the District to the MSBA on August 11, 2016) used a level principal debt structure (25 years; 5% interest) with an initial debt of approximately $33,000,000. This is also the debt structure that the Amherst Finance Committee thought would be most likely to be used.  The Calculator will be updated as more information becomes available.


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