Article 38 failed to get a majority at Town Meeting

A quick news update: Article 38 was heard at Town Meeting last night. While it failed to get a majority, it did get more than a third of the late-night crowd. This may presage difficulties for the School Administration in the fall, when they need to garner a majority of the Town for the $30+ million debt override, and a 2/3 majority of Town Meeting to approve the project.

The Moderator and Chair of the Select Board successfully limited debate and comment, and it is understandable that by 10:30 at night in a hot auditorium (85 degrees at least) people were ready to vote and leave.

While we know that many people were disappointed to not be called upon to speak, we will work hard to make sure that the voices of parents, teachers, and community members continue to be heard.

More details later, including vote count, link to video of discussion, etc.

— Laura Quilter



  1. mariakopicki

    Article 38 succeeded in bringing attention to the elementary school building project and and demonstrating the many flaws in the District’s proposed project. By garnering more than a third of the votes despite the very late hour, the absence of many supporters because of such, and an array of speakers organized by the administration to speak against it, this sends a message that a significant number of people are not happy with the direction of the project and are willing to vote their convictions.

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