Review of the architect-child-parent forum

Some perspectives from people at the parent/child/architect forums held at Crocker Farm (June 8) and Fort River (May):

One parent observed that people were generally not thrilled with the designs, finding them modern, cold, and sterile.

Kids thought the cafeteria was too big and of course, wanted lots of playspace. One kid liked the sofas in the library, which seemed homey. At the Fort River forum, a kid wrote about wanting a library reading pit (currently in Fort River & Wildwood libraries).

One kid asked about the pictures, some of which were high school and one of which was from a university library.  A parent noted afterwards that it seemed odd that there were no pictures of the current design proposals, or of the current buildings, so that kids could highlight features liked or disliked in those spaces.

Another parent observed that there were no languages, no language rooms, and another noticed that there was no sense of nature or connection to the natural world.

A member of SASS also asked about the environmental certification. The architects noted that they are going for LEED Silver, but admitted, when pressed, that that is the minimum certification that is fundable by the MSBA.  (It’s the second lowest certification available.)

What did YOU think of the forums?  What would you like to have seen?


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