Upcoming meetings about the Schools

Important meetings for those following the elementary school reconfiguration proposal:

  • WED JULY 13 – 6-8pm, at the Amherst Regional Middle School.
    • Amherst Elementary, Amherst Union 26, & Regional School Committee Meeting. Superintendent Evaluation Vote scheduled to begin at 7:30. Agenda.  UPDATE: It went on for two to three hours in executive (closed) session, and is now scheduled for Monday July 18, at Amherst College, Valentine Hall.
  • FRI July 15, 3pm – Bangs Community Center, South Meeting Room #101. 
    • Town Meeting Coordinating Committee. 
  • MON JULY 18
    • 5-8pm.  Superintendent’s public evaluation continues at Amherst College Valentine Hall.  Agenda: 1. Welcome & Call to Order 2. Superintendent Evaluation 3. School Committee Retreat Discussion—Roles, Responsibilities 4. Adjourn NOTE: There will be no public comment period at this retreat meeting.
    • 6:30pm, Town Room, Amherst Town Hall – Select Board approving Debt Override and setting fall election dates and fall Town Meeting.  See 7/15 blog post for draft language of the debt override
  • TUE JULY 19.
    • 2:00 – 4:30pm, Amherst Middle School Professional Development Center.  School Building Committee meeting. Agenda. Reviewing sustainability, security, and cost estimate.
    • 6-8pm.  Amherst Regional High School Library. Amherst School Committee Meeting.
    • Finance Committee

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