Eric Einhorn: Amherst needs to show some frugality

Amherst needs to show some frugality
Eric S. Einhorn
Letter published in Daily Hampshire Gazette, Aug. 27, 2016

Thanks to a recent letter writer for reminding Amherst residents that the town may be gorging itself on capital projects that it can ill afford.

Allocating $37 million for a new public works building seems excessive. Perhaps some of the money would be better spent on the many roads that need repairs. Maybe the current building can be upgraded, or another building, like Fort River School, can be repurposed for less?

In addition, the town is being urged to spend lavishly on a new school building and major alterations to the Jones Library. Apparently town planners accept actress Mae West’s quip, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.”

In a town with one of the state’s highest tax rates, some residents may feel otherwise. Let’s set realistic priorities. Can the Jones Library focus on traditional library services and ask the schools to use existing facilities and staff for after-school study and library space?

Eric S. Einhorn


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