We can, and should, do better for our kids and our town.

If you can’t afford another tax hike, to build one of the most expensive elementary schools in the state, when less expensive alternatives could get state funding

If you do NOT want Amherst’s public elementary system to be restructured, eliminating our three K-6 community schools

If you do NOT want to separate young siblings at two different schools, and make it more difficult for families to drop off and pick up their children (1, 2, 3) –
If you think we need to be mindful of Amherst’s other important capital spending needs, including a fire station, library, and department of public works –
If you believe that true equity is about more than putting all kids in the same grade townwide into one building (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) –
If you think that getting kids into actual spacious outdoor play areas is more important than spending money to create a “natural feel,” indoors –
If you are concerned about the environmental, logistical, and safety effects of having  a more chaotic transportation plan, to ship our kids between north and south ends of town –
If you think there are otherbetter, more fiscally responsible solutions to address the structural concerns at our school buildings, and increase preschool seats at all elementary sites –
If you think that for nearly $70 million, we should expect a good, flexible plan that doesn’t create more problems than it hopes to solve –

VOTE NO on 5. 

We can, and should, do better for our kids, and for our town.


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