Dujovne: The future of parent pick-up in Amherst

Submitted to Amherst Bulletin the same week it published 4 editorials for “yes on 5” and only 2 for “no on 5”. 

We’re voting on a question that will consolidate our elementary grades, but split our families across different schools in different ends of town. What could that look like?

Imagine it’s a Wednesday afternoon in 2020, 4 years after Question 5 passed.

Your youngest kid, a kindergartner, has a doctor appointment after school. You have a second kid in second grade.

At 2:40 you start driving to Crocker Farm, hoping you won’t get stuck in traffic in downtown Amherst. You get there, and park in the expanded parking lot. At 3:00-3:05 you are at the parent pick up line, waiting for your small child.

At 3:10-3:15 you finally leave Crocker Farm. Now it is time to pick your second grader, who is waiting for you at the 2-6 School, on the other side of town. You drive back through downtown Amherst for the second time to get to the new 750-student building.

At 3:30 (if everything went smoothly so far), you arrive at the other school. You park, and go with your 5-year-old to pick up her brother, who has been waiting for about 30 minutes. You are now ready to drive to the doctor.

Total time: 50-60 minutes.

Total mileage: about 10 miles

Now imagine a 2020 that looks more like what we have now — small K6 schools, distributed in neighborhoods in Amherst.

Take an extra 20 minutes getting things done at home. You don’t have to leave until 3:00.

3:00 – Start driving.
3:05 – Arrive at your neighborhood K-6 school
3:10 – Both kids are there at parent pick-up.

Total time: 10 minutes
Total mileage: about 2.5 miles

Version B is only possible if town people vote NO in Question #5 !

Please vote NO on Question #5,


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