School Building Committee (10/25)

SBC Meeting Notes (from 10-25-2016)
Kurt Wise

I arrived a little early. I asked Mike Morris about where things stood with negotiations over access to the Middle School playing fields. I was told that the regional SC would need to decide on that, but there shouldn’t be any conflicts, time-wise, between kids in the two schools (elementary and MS). I followed up with a question about afterschool use and possible conflicts with LSSE events. MM said he didn’t feel comfortable “speaking for the regional SC” on this issue. That’s where that conversation ended.

As for the meeting, it started late – MM had to drum up a quorum. The meeting started at 4:15 and lasted maybe 20-25 minutes. MM told everyone that the district had received “the formal contract” that day. Later conversation indicated that this was a “Scope of Project” contract (?) received from the MSBA. MM said this would need to be signed by some group of district and/or SBC folks (?). The minutes from the last meeting were then approved without comment.

MM then moved on to thanking Irv Rhodes for heading up the working group on communications and for providing the community with accurate information about the project. MM noted that there was a financial element to discussions around the communications group because money would need to be approved for printing and distribution of an informational brochure that Irv and his group were designing. They talked about a color tri-fold (?) or a single glossy sheet (?). I think that the number $500 was referenced in this discussion, possibly $500 for printing and another $500 for distribution (?).

The project manager then took over, giving a very quick review of the invoices for which the committee would need to authorize payment. All invoices were approved. I believe the total was some $16 K for the PM and the architects, but I’m not sure of that. The PM noted that this was the penultimate set of invoices – that he had one more to deliver and the architects had another $1,500 bill for some final schematics they were working on (?). It sounds like there also were some other bills still unpaid, including hydrant tests and wetlands assessments (?). The PM noted that the architects were still receiving comments from Ludmilla and others and that they (and MM?) were deciding which of these to address in the final schematics (not sure if this is what they were saying exactly).

Finally, Guilford (?) mentioned early voting, especially at UMass and the need to get Irv’s handouts printed and distributed down at UMass. It sounded like Ludmilla – though currently sick (?) – was going to coordinate this effort. SASS was not mentioned in this context (or any context, for that matter).

MM closed the meeting by thanking everyone for all their hard work and noting that their input had been incorporated into the final plans, changing the plans markedly from the early drafts. They all should be proud of what a great job they had done and what a wonderful project they were delivering to the town.

With that, the meeting adjourned and I departed.



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