Amherst schools exit survey data

With all the horror stories going around about our schools, one might be forgiven for thinking that people would flee them in droves because of the terrible building conditions.

It turns out, not so much. In fact, the District’s exit survey data doesn’t show any concerns that the buildings are old or falling apart.  No complaints about quad classrooms showed up (and you know they would have highlighted it if it had been there). No air quality concerns.

In fact, in terms of specific concerns,

  • want a smaller school or class size – 7.96%
  • social and/or emotional concerns – 13.27%
  • bullying – 5.31%
  • inadequate rigor and/or curriculum – 11.5%
  • did not meet child’s learning style – 10.62%

It’s clear that Amherst’s schools lose kids to private schools and charter schools because of education — not because of the buildings. This makes sense, because look at the families that are coming to Amherst, because Amherst allows choicing in, and Amherst’s schools are better than wherever they’re coming from. Not the buildings. The education.

Check out the data. It’s fascinating.

Exit Survey Data, 2010-11 through 2014-15 school years.


exitsurveydata-2015-chart exitsurveydata-reasons


— Laura Q


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