Lawrence Siddall: Urges Town Meeting to Vote Down School Project

Urges Town Meeting to vote down school project
Lawrence Siddall
Amherst Bulletin, Letter to the Editor, Jan. 12, 2017

With the second vote by Town Meeting on funding the proposed school building project set for Jan. 30, it is my hope that Town Meeting does not change its vote and approve the project.

The main concern as I see it is the deep divide among the residents of Amherst, as reflected in the November townwide vote. This means that whatever the outcome on Jan. 30, half the town will be upset. In my view, this is not a good basis on which to proceed.

Supporters of the project say that a new building is needed soon. But with so much opposition, wouldn’t it be wiser to wait and come up with a plan that the majority of the town can agree on?

Given the magnitude of this project, all of us want to feel a sense of civic pride when it is completed. So let’s start over and proceed with a proposal that all of us can feel good about.

Lawrence Siddall


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