Jeff Osborne: Amherst must use fiscal common sense

Amherst officials must use fiscal restraint
Jeff Osborne
Daily Hampshire Gazette, Jan. 26, 2017

As a former town employee of 38 years and having just turned 64, I felt the need to ask our town officials to start using common sense.

I can assure the taxpayers that there will be many things coming along that will require money but the officials need to understand that the citizens of Amherst are not all rich. Taxes are already high. In fact, that’s why most town employees do not live in town. Most of us have to save for what we want.

Amherst has known for decades that it would like a fire station in South Amherst. Has the town saved any money for it? Why not a satellite station, a truck and an ambulance for quick response?

If the claim is that Fort River School can’t be upgraded because of wetland issues, how can the town build a DPW building there?

When you appropriate $400,000 for maintenance, use it for what it was intended. Stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies and start utilizing our college and university resources and our knowledgeable employees to solve our problems.

Since the town threw all four of these projects at the taxpayers at once, please consider instead, over time, appropriating money to: 1. Upgrade the Fort River and Wildwood schools; 2. Upgrade the DPW building where it is; 3. Consider a satellite fire station, possibly attached to the upgraded DPW building; and 4. Have the library save and accept donations for its addition.

Regarding state funding, just because you receive a 40 percent coupon in the mail, doesn’t mean you should rush out to the store and buy something.

Jeff Osborne



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