Harazin: Another re-do of school vote ludicrous

Letter by Alan E. Harazin published in the Amherst Bulletin, February 28, 2017

Another re-do of school vote ludicrous

I am not a fan of town meeting government; indeed I hope Amherst’s future does not continue to be tethered to this anachronistic form of decision-making.

However, I find the prospect of still another re-do of the twice-rejected elementary school renovation funding plan by Town Meeting to be completely ludicrous.

It does not matter whether this attempt is made via a referendum or still another Town Meeting vote; no sane form of government permits the losers in the democratic process to keep forcing revote after revote until they obtain a result they like.

I might well have supported the disgruntled folks who backed the proposed plan, but that’s irrelevant. I voted against President Trump, too, but 62 million-plus of my fellow Americans disagreed with me and I sure don’t get a re-do on that one.

Alan E. Harazin



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