Gelfan : Large building nightmare for elementary kids

(Posted on Town Meeting listserve; pasted by permission)

I went to a middle school that was much like the proposed consolidated elementary school: three “separate” schools (called “houses”) which shared gyms, cafeteria, library and playing fields. There were three separate pick-up/drop off entrances, one for each house, and a common bus area for the whole school.

It did not feel like a small school. It felt like the giant school that it was.

As a middle schooler, I liked it. However, for K-6, it would have been an overwhelming nightmare.

In both my elementary school and the middle school. there were 4 classes per grade, but, again, 4 classes per grade times the three houses felt very different during much of the day than the 4 classes in one school. …and that was for only a three-grade middle school.

For an elementary school with 5-7 grades, depending on configuration, I cannot imagine…….and I was an extroverted kid. For a shy or sensitive child, or anyone on the autism spectrum, it would be truly traumatic.

Having all the K-6 kids in town in one building is insanity.

Stephanie Gelfan, pct 2


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