About SASS

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We are a coalition of individual parents and educators who are concerned about the proposals put forward by the Administration to reconfigure and consolidate the existing small elementary schools in Amherst.  We work together to provide a clearinghouse of information about the issues, the facts, and the law, to help inform Town residents, school families, and staff. Individual members of SASS have begun a number of policy, research, and outreach initiatives, which are linked on this website. As a group of individuals, we have a variety of viewpoints and concerns, and do not speak with one voice on all issues.

This is not a comprehensive list of supporters, or people who have contributed content, ideas, or resources. We believe in accountability and transparency, especially in our small community, and want to encourage conversation among neighbors. However, out of respect for people’s employment and personal situations, we do not post identifying information of people speaking in a personal capacity without permission.

Members include:

  • Amy Finlay
  • Marla Jamate
  • Maria Kopicki
  • Jake Mayfield
  • Joanna Morse
  • Laura Quilter
  • Kurt Wise

SASS Ballot Question Committee documents:



  1. Alberto

    Why are those who do not live in Amherst decide the future of rhe town? Since the vote was close, can we demand a recount or revote? Do we have any legal options to defeat this?


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