Archive of Official Documents – Where can I read the major documents for myself? Materials from the District and the MSBA (the state agency that supports

Media and Press – An index to some of the media and press coverage.

Index of Public Comments – We’re assembling a comprehensive index of the extensive public commentary on this process. The overwhelming majority of public commentary supports K-6 and small schools, and opposes the District’s proposal to reconfigure the elementary system.

Article 38 (Spring 2016) – SASS members Maria Kopicki and Laura Quilter proposed that Town Meeting (Spring 2016) sponsor a review of the renovation option, along with a more complete cost assessment of the reconfiguration proposal. The Article was presented just before 10 pm on May 25, 2016, in a late night overtime session with a significantly circumscribed debate. While it did not get the majority needed to pass, more than a third of members supported it, which is potentially worrisome for the fall votes on reconfiguration.

Public Comments from the Schools (PGO forms, fall 2015) – Wildwood PGO’s Laura Quilter established the first and only organized public comment option for parents, teachers, and community members. We archive here the Wildwood forms and feedback.