MSBA Letter : Feasibility Study End Date March 25, 2017

See related blog post for background. 

From: Dennis Ryan
Date: May 13, 2016 4:54 PM
Subject: Wildwood Elementary School Feasibility Study
To: Maria Kopicki
Cc: Diane Sullivan

Ms. Kopiki,

Thank you for contacting the MSBA about the Wildwood Elementary School Feasibility Study. In your email to Diane Sullivan, you inquire when the Feasibility Study Agreement (“FSA”) will terminate. In researching your inquiry, it appears that there is a typographical error in the FSA that has been executed between the Town of Amherst and the MSBA. The FSA currently incorrectly states that the termination date is January 30, 2017. The date should be March 25, 2017, which is 913 days after the MSBA Board of Directors voted to invite the Town of Amherst to collaborate with the MSBA to conduct a Feasibility Study. This Board vote took place on September 24, 2014. The MSBA is in the process of issuing an Amendment to the FSA which will reflect the March 25, 2017 date.

As to your questions regarding the steps that must be completed within the term of the FSA and local action regarding the approval of a Project Scope and Budget Agreement (“PSBA”), attached please find copies of the MSBA’s Feasibility Study Guidelines and Schematic Design Guidelines. You may also want to review the information that is available on the MSBA Website regarding MSBA Module 3-Feasibility Study, (, and MSBA Module #4-Schematic Design, As to your question regarding the termination of the FSA, the FSA terminates upon the earlier of the approval of the PSBA by the Board of Directors and the execution of the PSBA or the FSA termination date.

Best regards,

Dennis Ryan

General Counsel