Cain: Too Much Haste in School Changes (2015/10/29)

October 29, 2015

Opinion: Letters to the Editor

Too much haste involved in school changes

To the editor:

I do not believe that the administration has made a convincing case for the educational benefit for changing our entire elementary school system. It seems to me the administration is more concerned with the budget and the facilities than our children’s education. Also, I feel that this proposal has been hastily shared with the community without input from parents as well as any outside source (such as a hired consultant) that could be objective in determining our needs.

We should not rush into a decision that generations of Amherst students will have to endure because Amherst only received money for one school renovation at this time.

If we received money to renovate Wildwood it is probable that Amherst will also receive money to renovate Fort River in the near future since they were built three years apart.

Lisa Cain