What do parents & teachers think?

Based on significant public comment and the parent and teacher surveys by the School Committee, public opinion is clear and strongly in favor of small K-6 schools.

Parent and teacher survey by School Committee (Jan. 2016)

After considerable pressure, the School Committee finally in January agreed to do a survey of parents/guardians and of teachers.  The results of the parent and teacher surveys were released at a January 13, 2016, School Committee meeting. In contrast to the School Committee, parents and teachers strongly favor protecting K-6 schools.

You can see the consultants’ summary of the results here: https://wildwoodpgo.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/2015jan-schoolsurvey-results.pdf. For over-all summaries see pp. 8 and 24. Option A and B would both maintain three K-6 schools, Option A by keeping the three current campuses, and Option B by building a larger double-size school with two distinct K-6 wings. Parent and teacher comments are also very informative and can be found here:

For a quick summary of comments, see:

Public Comments (Sept. 2015 – present)

Parents and teachers have submitted numerous public comments online, again overwhelmingly in favor of maintaining a K-6 model.  We are developing an index to the many comments made in letters to the editor, written public comments, and public comments at public meetings; that will be available at “Index to Public Comments“.

Until the index is complete, please see: