Joanna Morse: Please withdraw to allow new applications

Dear Mr. Morris, Mr. Bockelman, Ms. Appy, Select Board and School Committee,

I respectfully request that the district withdraws the current MSBA proposal for state funding for our town’s schools by the withdrawal deadline of Feb. 7 so that we will be allowed to apply again in 2017.  I truly believe we can work together in a broad collaboration on a proposal that many in town can support. And I urge you to please help build consensus in the community by moving forward on a new proposal. The current proposal for grade reconfiguration and dividing grades K-1 from grades 2-6 has not gained enough town support to warrant this huge educational change for the next half century in Amherst.

It is clear from many letters and emails I have seen throughout town this past week that many in town believe we will not be able to reach a broader consensus on a new proposal.  However, I believe in our capacity more than this.  As we move forward in our incredibly divided nation at the moment, if we do not believe we can succeed at building consensus locally, we are seriously limiting our abilities as a community to actually move beyond division and rancor.  As Albert Einstein said, “No problems are solved in the same consciousness as they were created.”  Let us work together to come up with a creative solution in an inclusive process. Our children deserve to see that we can overcome division, and find creative solutions.  They need to see our leadership in compromise and finding solutions.  I, personally, am very ready to compromise.  Please serve us as a leader in our community on coming together, not more division.


Joanna Morse