Bus Routes in the Reconfiguration Option

What will the morning and afternoon bus commutes look like given the fact that one fleet of busses will serve all elementary school students at both schools?

For pick-up in the morning, one bus picks up both kids from their house as well as other kids in the area, then travels to one school to drop off one set of kids (2-6 or K-1), then travels to the other school to drop off the other set of kids. What is the total travel time for the second child dropped off? Since some kids (presumably from the north of town) will arrive at the 2-6 school first and others (presumably from the south of town) will arrive at the P-1 school first, there will be a bunch of kids waiting around for the rest of the student body to arrive before school can begin. What will they be doing during this time? Does this mean that school will be starting later or will bus pick-up start earlier?

Afternoon dismissal would then involve kids queuing up at both schools. Some busses queue at the P-1 school and another set of busses at the 2-6 school. How many busses can queue at each school? If CF cannot queue more than 7 busses, that means that more than 16 busses will queue at the 2-6 school and they would have to be park side-by side to receive kids. This means that kids would have to move in between parked busses to enter them. After a one set of kids get on the busses, they travel to the other school to queue again and the rest of the kids get on the busses. What will the second set of kids be doing while they wait for the first set to get on the busses at the other school, drive to their school and queue up to receive them?

A second possibility is that all the busses queue at the proposed school (requiring them to be in 2 side-by-side lines), load all the students from there, then travel en masse to the P-1 school, queue and load all the students from there, then disperse to deliver them to their houses. This would involve staggered dismissal times between the school and a north–to south-to north commute for kids who live in the north of town,

Both of these possibilities seem wasteful (of time, money, and fuel), environmentally unfriendly, and maybe even unsafe, particularly if the dismissal busses will be queued up in a double row, side by side, meaning that kids have to walk in between vehicles to board their bus.

— mk