!! Take Action !!

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Tell Your Representatives What You Think!

  • Write and call the Superintendent’s Office (morrism@arps.org , 413-362-1810)

Tell the State Funding Agency (MSBA) How The Proposal Will Affect You:

  • Write and call the MSBA — They are a public agency and are happy to answer questions, and want to hear from the community.  (http://www.massschoolbuildings.org/contact)
  • Diane Sullivan is the MSBA representative who can answer general questions about the process, timing, different kinds of documents, etc.
  • Katie Loeffler is the MSBA representative assigned to the Amherst project.

Talk to the Community!

  • Speak to your neighbors and friends

Tell Us:

Be sure to cc SASS, where we will collect and archive letters to bundle and send to the SC, Town Meeting, the District and the MSBA. This will ensure that community opinion is heard and taken into account.

Contact: AmherstSASS@gmail.com